Space Engineers Update 1.190.1 - Minor Improvements


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Space Engineers
Minor Update 1.190.1


-All players can now use any DLC blocks without owning the DLC, however, placement (place a block, spawn in a blueprint containing DLC blocks, initially weld projected DLC block) is still reserved for DLC owners only
-Added warning messages about using DLC content without owning it
-Changed survival spawning mechanics to not be easily exploitable
-Spawning players are no longer tied to one particular player
-Readded option to have respawn timers on drop pods
-Spawn position can be custom through editing save files again
-Added new billboard blend type called 'PostPP' in order to offer a solution for problems with post-processing affecting Text HUD API mod


-Fixed undrillable and constantly respawning voxels
-Fixed modded scripts not being able to be whitelisted even when meeting criteria
-Fixed sliding door emissivity not being changed properly when using the block via Timer Blocks
-Fixed DLC blocks missing from production screen blueprints
-Fixed a couple of crashes when loading/exiting worlds
-Fixed a couple of crashes including one in BP screen when trying to copy BP to clipboard when there is something already
-Fixed a crash when reloading a scene with many engineer characters with different skins
-Fixed a crash in production screen when displaying what components a blueprint needs
-Fixed a crash when exiting a cryo chamber

Support Site Bugs

-Fixed an issue with subparts being too slippery for walking
-Fixed an issue where projected DLC blocks could not be welded on dedicated servers
-Fixed an issue with terminal block groups from a blueprint not reappearing after re-welding the blueprint
-Fixed multiple issues with artificial mass and space ball blocks not being affected by gravity generators
-Fixed an issue where game froze up after canceling mod downloads during loading (The last batch approved by steam API is downloaded anyway)
-Fixed block groups temporarily disappearing after merging/unmerging
-Fixed DLC armory, armory lockers and lockers blocks accidentally being able to be used by conveyor systems
-Fixed showing wrong reasons for experimental mode in console/log

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