Welcome Soldiers!

To Revenant Gaming’s Battlefield V platoon!

Our Community: Is welcoming mature players, both Beginners, and Veterans. Our mission is to facilitate a "Long Lasting", and "Easy Going" gaming community from those that join.

Our Platoon goal: To build a team of players that communicate and work together well. Willing to work together to become better players as both individuals and as a team.

To Join/Platoon Guidelines:

  • Submit a application at http://revenantgaming.com/join/ choose team division when you come to it in the application.
  • JOIN our discord- to see the BF V rooms enter .rank BF5 in the botchatter room
  • There will be a short trial period prior to becoming a full fledged platoon member.
  • Communication and teamwork is key!
  • Be POLITE We’re all here to have a good time, so keep the trash talk to a minimum.
  • MUST have MIC to use while playing, any good player knows that communication is key to doing well as a squad.
  • Respect officers and all members of the platoon.
  • No purposely trying to derail squad efforts(we have all had that type of player in a squad before) / KD hunters

To summarize, be friendly and use common sense.

Platoon Leadership: Officers are responsible for making sure guidelines are followed and helping resolve issues . Officers also have the right to kick anyone who heavily violates the above guidelines. Feel free to tag @Staff or @officers in discord for any questions.

Contact info:
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/FghtnSpanurd/
Battlenet: FghtnSpanurd#1905
Discord: FghtnSpanurd#0636
or PM me here on the website