Welcome Exiles!

To Revenant Gaming’s own Conan Exiles Unofficial Server!

Community Goal:  Hey there! To summarize the Revenant Community’s goal, we are looking for a balanced gameplay with NO drama and lots of hilarious times with friends. We come from all walks of life, veteran and beginners, old or young, we all are just here to have some stress-free fun.

Joining: In order to join you can...

  • Server Info: Revenant Gaming PvP - (Opened 6/3/18)
    (click to join)
  1. Search “Revenant” in the Conan server browser.
  2. OR add: to your steam favorites
    • Go to Steam, click View->Servers->Favorites->Add a server, insert the above IP/Port into the box then click Add

Server Settings:

  • PvP Enabled
  • Container Ownership Ignored
  • 2x EXP
  • 4x Harvesting
  • 2x Crafting time
  • 2xSpoil Time
  • 0.2x Friendly Fire
  • Avatars Disabled
  • Purges Enabled
  • Thrall Wakeup Time 900 Seconds
  • Day/Night Cycle
    • 1x Day Cycle Speed
    • 1x Day Time Speed
    • 0.5 Night Time Speed (longer nights)
    • 0.5 Dawn/Dusk Time Speed (longer transitions, more time to get home for nighttime)
    • Catchup Time=10
  • No PvP time restrictions
  • 10 Member Clan Limit
  • Target Lock Enabled
  • Abandonment Enabled and Default

Server Guidelines:

  • No griefing! This means harassing players over and over again by way of harm, land claiming, or any other sort will NOT be tolerated. We keep the server PvP to keep the vanilla feeling of the game incorporated into gameplay, don’t screw it up…
  • No extensive land claiming A good rule of thumb is to keep only as many bases as you NEED. Keep in mind other people’s wishes to build. Try to keep each base to a comprehensible size.
  • No blocking of valuable resources Try to stay away from building RIGHT next to large patches of ironstone, brimstone, coal, crystal, thrall camp, ect.
    • For help deciding, mention @Staff, or @Conan Admins in discord.
  • Be POLITE We’re all here to have a good time, so keep the trash talk to a minimum.
To summarize, be friendly and use common sense.

Administration:  Admins are responsible for helping players with in-game glitches and bugs. Admins also have the right to kick or ban anyone who heavily violates the above guidelines. Feel free to tag @Staff or @Conan Admins in discord for any questions.