Revenant Gaming - Anthem Recruitment

About Us

We are a mixed group of both hardcore and casual players, seeking to continuously grow a strong community. We have quite a wide array of titles that we play and host servers for:

  • Ark: Survival Evolved
  • Space Engineers
  • Battlefield V
  • And more...

We use Discord for our means of communication along with this website.


  • Age requirement of 18+
  • Respect everyone
  • Drama free
  • No cheating/exploiting
  • Honesty
  • No restrictions on language, however bashing and racist banter is not tolerated

Our Focus on Anthem

* You are not required to have any form of membership with Revenant to play with us, you only need to join the Discord server. To join our Anthem clan you will need to be a member on the website (which will transfer to the Discord server). Here's the Revenant Member join link.

Mission Statement

We are focused on creating an active community in which you can regularly meet and hang out with people that you will enjoy spending time with. Revenant is already a mix of both hardcore and casual players as stated above, and we want to continue that trend here in Anthem. However, a good part of us will always be interested in a challenge and really look forward to endgame activities, no matter the difficulty.


  • Active community in which you can create scheduled activities to match when you are able to play
  • Open community to new players and teaching them if they request it, and providing sherpas for end game content
  • Ability to drop in and hang out with some people while you enjoy the game
  • Dynamic team building within the server as required
  • Integration of in game statistics to provide incentives and potential ranking systems.

Contact Information

If you have any questions please contact the staff here on the website or d3athbysp0rk and myself on Discord.