Join Revenant Gaming HOWTO: Memberships

The Difference in memberships

Revenant Gaming takes pride in offering the best of both worlds.  We allow users to be as casual as they want or as dedicated as we want.  With that we offer two types of memberships.


Open Division Membership:

Open Division Membership is what you will see most often.  It allows users to play whatever games other members are playing at that time.  There is no required play times, no required meetings, and no required attendance.  You can play how you want!


     # Access to all member forums and discord channels.

     # Access to Revenant gamings private servers.

     # Member only Game contests.

     # Participation in Revenant Only Events.

     # Great friends to enjoy every game with.

Team Division Membership:

Team Division memberships are very similar to General memberships.  However they are mean't to aim more toward Team based games that require a lot of organization and communication.  This is perfect for MMO Games or Competitive FPS games.


     # Help from Revenant staff for recruiting new players.

     # Access to any resources you need to help recruit(IE: New forums, more forums, RevenantGaming email)

     # Division members can also request Server access for the game they are playing(IE: CSGO team can have a practice server).

     # Recognition on Discord, Forum, and other media streams.  We want our teams to encourage our teams to do well!



Need help or have a question? Poke or Message any [Staff] or [Officer] on their name.


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