Join Revenant Gaming HOWTO: Rules

Mission Statement

The Mission of Revenant Gaming is to bring back fun to the online gaming community. We are a familiar bunch of people held together by comradery, respect and a common interest in gaming. Each player is in control of their own time and it’s up to them to decide their commitment level. In the end, all that matters is you have fun!

General Rules

  • # The minimum age group - Revenant Gaming is 18+, exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.
  • # Casual Core Community - We are a Casual Core community, meaning we allow both casual players and hardcore players into the community. We have no set playtimes or required man hours. Play how you want to play!
  • # We are a 100% Drama free community - We don't want your bickering in here. If an issue is really that serious, come to us. Otherwise, turn gaming system off and walk away for a few days.
  • # Respect everyone (IE: No Racism/Sexual Discrimination)* - We will not threaten, demean, or harass fellow members.
  • # Cheat/Exploit Free - Cheating, Exploiting, Botting, Hacking to gain an unfair advantage in any game Revenant plays is not acceptable.
  • # Every Member Has The Right To Vote - We constantly look to the members to increase the quality of Revenant.
  • # We Will Be Honest - Deception to gain privilege, merit, sympathy, or favor is not to be tolerated in any form.
  • # No restrictions on language(IE: Cussing)**

*Do keep in mind that there is always jokes and random expressions said. As we try our best not to offend anyone, please keep in mind things are sometimes said without knowing that they affect someone. If something is of bad tastes, please let us know and we'll do our best to avoid/correct it in the future. 
**Although we do not censor what you say, please keep others into consideration. 




Joining Revenant: Optional