Welcome Gamers!

To Revenant Gaming’s unofficial DayZ private server!


Our Community: Revenant Gaming Is welcoming mature players, both Beginners, and Veterans. Our mission is to facilitate a "Long Lasting", and "Easy Going" gaming community.

This is a Public PvP server, on Chernarus+. Here you will have to worry about not only Zombies, but other players as well.

We have active Admins, who do their best to help everyone have a good time.

Servers are hosted on high performance hardware, and located in Montreal.

Revenant gaming is a friend based, Multi-Game community. Join us for the games, and stay for your friends.

Our Server:

  • Chernarus+ - PvP - Public - (Opened 10/22/19) 
    • Settings:
      • 6HR Restarts
      • 3rd Person enabled
      • Crosshair enabled
    • Server Guidelines:
      • Follow ALL community guidelines
      • PvP responsibly, trolls 👺 will be dealt with.

 Community Guidlines: Simply put, “Friendly Community” is the theme on these maps.

  • NO cheating. Anyone caught cheating will be permanently banned.
  • We DO NOT tolerate griefing, or harassment of other players. This Includes Hate speech or racial slurs.

 Administrator Responsibilities:  Admins will at their discretion kick or ban anyone who repeatedly violates our server guidelines, cheats, or harasses other players. Admin intervention is primarily to help players circumvent any serious issues resulting from server caused bugs, or glitches.

The sole purpose of our admin team is to provide support to players, and influence a positive gaming atmosphere. 

  • Admin accounts CAN ONLY be used to…
    • Help stuck players
    • Enforce guidelines (refer to server rules)

For in-game assistance, or any other questions regarding our DayZ server please mention @DayZ Admins via Discord.

Join our Steam Group, or speak out via the DayZ Discussion Forum.

Administrators:  @Sipowicz
*Rules are subject to change ANY time at community discretion.