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The Official servers Evo Weekend scheme has proven to be quite the time sink from an administrative stand point. So I've been considering coming up with a simpler scheme.

My thoughts were doing a permanent 1.5x on Taming, and Harvesting. Then One (or Two) week(s) of the month (maybe Weds - Weds) we do 2x Taming, Harvest, and XP.

The reason I would leave XP off the table for a permanent increase is because IMHO, XP is PLENTY fast at base rates..... I know what level you all are, and how fast you got there;). I think is especially true now that our cluster is in PvE mode.

Originally I hoped to find a way to automate all of this. If I could automate restarts on the weekends including the settings change, I prefer the weekends. Unfortunately that hasn't been the case.

What do you guys think? :D
Recently our server cluster configuration was updated. The new config allows me to set up each server to Auto restart, WITH server warnings/announcements. Since I wont have to do these restarts manually any longer, doing them every weekend is no longer a problem. Pending some tests on functionality we could go back to Weekend REV events. What say you players? Do you like the one week out of the month scheme? Or would you prefer to go back to the old setup. REVolution event Every weekend?

If we go back to weekends they will be tighter time frames. Starting 12AM Sat, and ending 12AM Mon.

Rates would stay as they are. 1.5x - T/H through the week, and 2x - T/H/XP during the REVolution events.
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Sounds good to me, understand that it can be a pain to change the settings every weekend so I think this sounds like a good plan.


Gets my vote for pvp server aswell, your right on XP its so easy to level in ark.
Talking of level sorry about the gates hobos but you had misplaced them so i helped you take them down :)


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I would like to see us go back to 2x weekends for taming rates, xp, etc. We would get more days that way than the week of rates we are currently doing. My weekends is when I have the most time to do such things anyway.