Revenant's Customized Beacon Drops


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Hey survivors!

This tread is long overdue, friends...

The servers have been needing AND promised a drop loot change and re-vamp by ... yours truly... for quite some time now. It's time to get back on track with it.
We started with Aberration when we first released the map (Back when it was PvP...shutters) and the change was widely approved of, but as could be imagined, had some issues.


I'm happy to announce Revenant's "Vanilla drop pass v1.0".

I have some cool ideas to implement into the first, new pass.
To start things, Aberration will be getting a patched drop pass since the first one had a few flaws in it's ointment.
Afterwards, the next changes will be made to Ragnarok, The Island, The Center, and Extinction concurrently. (Unfortunately Scorched Earth uses a whole different drop system that I hope to modify one day)
The changes to the default drop loot tables will work slightly different then how they normally do. The main idea we're going to be aiming for, is with each "quality" (color) of the drop increase, (white, green, blue, purple, yellow, red) there will be a increase in the item's "TIERs", not "Qualities". This means that if you find a primitive stone hatchet in a white drop, you won't necessarily find a journeyman one in a blue drop.
In this pass, HALO drops will be the special ones here, as they were made to be.

HALO Drop:
Normal Drop:

With each HALO drop, the items inside will be higher "Quality" of the same "Tier" of items in it's corresponding color. For example, a primitive-apprentice pick in a blue drop and an apprentice-ascendant pick in a blue HALO drop.

That will be the main basis behind the system. ALSO, HALO drops will have a VERY small chance to spawn something really special. This will range from REALLY good saddles, weapons, rods, and blueprints for the same. By doing this, we create an incentive for all levels of players to again find use in normal ol' everyday drops.

*Should be noted that only classic supply drops are being modified. No cave crates, deep sea crates, or alpha loot will be modified at the current time.

Feel free to leave any ideas, opinions, critique, and general banter.:LOL: