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Hello All you Revenantians ? I just wanted to take a quick second to introduce two members who are going to help out around the house.

So please welcome DudeAwesome and Darkele to the ranks of Community Managers - Recruitment. They will be assisting in the day to day operations to get more users in our servers and more teams using the Revenant name.

Want to help out as well? We are still looking for additional help.

Community Manager - Web Administrator
I am looking for someone to head up the website, learn everything about the software, keep it updated with new content, and make sure information is up to date. This will also include the Steam Group, and any other social media outlets we choose to use.

[B]Community Manager - Event Coordinator[/B]
Like to plan fun gaming events? Contests? We need someone who can plan events not just for one game, but for an entire community.


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So glad to be a part of this community! Thanks guys for keeping it running for so long and so well. I just hope that I can help to the best of my ability to make Revenant better than it's ever been.