Mutator vs Nanny for Imprinting


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I don't feel like the nanny is accomplishing what we were looking for it to do... It's helpful for sure, but the imprints still required after the nanny does her job makes it almost harder now to properly time out your imprints/hatches to get 100%, and its still waking up at 3AM to hit them if you want the 100%.

While doing some searching on settings for the Nanny to figure out what she does, I came across this S+ device, the "S+ Tek Mutator"

Right off the bat I 100% think that the name of the device is incredibly game breaking.

BUT reading into its abilities OTHER THAN forcing mutations (which seem to be customizable, like we could disable, or turn back that feature) it also offers this setting.

WIKI Mod Page said:
Pause Aging
  • Prevents the maturation of infant creatures for the duration of the buff. This is useful during the Evolution Event or on servers with increased breeding rates to allow you to meet Imprint timers that are otherwise impossible.

  • I think that this option does EXACTLY what were looking for the Nanny to do - allow imprints to reach 100% (as you'd still need to hit each imprint to get the full value) but allows the baby to "pause" its growing while that imprint timer ticks. You'd run the risk of your baby starving, but at the exchange of getting your dinos imprinted to 100%.

    This way we could still keep the 8/hr timer and it would be completely on the tribes/players to pause their babies during raising to hit all their imprints, if they want to get the full thing.

    A little late to the party since we literally just enabled the Nanny, but I really think the Mutator used for this purpose would do a better job at allowing complete imprints.


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So I've looked into this, and I think its a great idea. This feature will let players get 100% imprint on any dino regardless of the multiplier at the time. If we don't like the engram requirements, I should be able to customize them.

I will enable the Mutator, but it will ONLY be able to Pause Baby aging. Non of its other features will be use-able.

This will also allow us to go back to the default setting for cuddle timers. 8 hrs per cuddle.

Since we already added the Nanny, but only to help with the Imprint situation, we are going to leave it in the game. HOWEVER we will be disabling the imprinting feature.

Thank you @Phillip for the great suggestion!!