[Mod Addition] Fister's All Fog Remover

Do you want Revenant Gaming to be Fog Free? Well vote to add the Fog Remover!

  • Yes

    Votes: 4 100.0%
  • No

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As one who has dealt with the fog on the Center, Island and Ragnarok I feel like I should suggest this mod to be added to the list. This mod is amazing for removing the fog on the maps. Essentially it adds a structure you can craft and it will remove the fog for the crafter of said structure. I have personally hosted an ark cluster and have used this mod with no issues at all and so has fellow member Phetty. I think it would be a great addition and a much needed quality of life fix for us players. Please vote and spread the poll around to people who haven't voted <3

Attached here is the steam workshop page for the mod for members/admins to check out!