Kraken's Better Dinos


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I suggest replacing SpeedyFlyers with BetterDinos. While it was appreciated after ClassicFlyers dropped support, SpeedyFlyers took four months to support Genesis. We may be looking at a similar wait for Crystal Wyverns and Tropeognathus.

In addition to supporting leveling speed on all flyers, it has a huge number of features. All of these can be turned off by the admins in the ini if they find them too powerful. Some highlights:
  • Breedable Griffins, Karkinos, Drakes, Basilisk and more without enabling the SS Mutator.
  • Anky auto-gather (like a doed). Works while held with a flyer
  • Smaller water animals (sharks/eels/jelly) no longer aggro on Mosas/Squid/Plesis
  • Ichthyornis don't eat element/narco/kibble, only food
  • While I'm not a fan, it also can add Tek versions of the Giga, Griffin, Theri
The dev is active. He's currently working on reworking the Lipluerodon into a daeodon-like healer and making the Pleisiosaur a water-Yuty. So we should expect more from him regularly.

With these changes it might give people many new taming and breeding projects. A full list of features can be found here: [remember nearly everything can be toggled off]


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Quick thoughts,

Speedy Flyers was slow because WC was slow (if I remember correctly), as well as Naj is a doctor and COVID happened. Unfortunate timing, but an active Developer is always more appreciated... so I see both perspectives on that.

If we change flyer mods again, I think rates will transition to, and remain consistent with current vanilla rates (aka not spending the time to modify stats within the .ini to match what Classic Flyers provided for HP/Stam/Weight/etc.)

Options are pretty neat, but again are getting away from Vanilla to allow those sort of creature changes. Idk if I'm for or against it personally. Lol


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I personally prefer configuring this as an unofficial TLC patch rather than adding a bunch of crazy new stuff. Making seldom used dinos relevant and allowing certain dinos to now be breedable could translate into hundreds of hours of game time with new taming and breeding projects.

Crystal Isles fizzled a bit and Genesis population has waned. We're 6+ months from Gen part 2. While I expect the population to bounce back when that launches, this could keep us busy for a while. It may even attract new players.


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I figured since this mod has so many features, I'd suggest if we were to use it, we start with a limited feature set. In addition to flyer speed levels, here is a proposal that adds/improves five new breeadables [Basilisk, Karkinos, Griffin, Lipleurodon, Rock Drake] and also improves about a dozen or so others:
  1. Anky
    • Autogather on wander and while held by flyer/kark/skiff
    • Reduced obsidian weight
  2. Archaeopteryx
    • Now a shoulder pet; Doesn't need to be held
  3. Basilisk
    • Now Breedable
    • Radiation Immune
    • Aggros less small dinos
    • Better handling/Mobility
  4. Karkinos
    • Now Breedable in water
    • Can strafe sideways
    • Can attack while falling [enemies glitch under them and stunlock]
    • Platform saddle should be disabled to prevent S+ exploits [shieldgens in bossfights]
  5. Griffin
    • Now Breedable
    • Removes dust effect that is FPS-intensive
    • Slightly increased dive velocity
    • Slight Damage Buff
  6. Liopleurodon
    • Now a knockout tame; Same kibble/tranq as plesi
    • Now Breedable
    • Can carry smaller dinos with C attack
    • Reduces oxygen consuption for rider
    • Does daeodon like healing that drains oxygen stat [renamed mana]
    • Adds x-version to genesis
  7. Mosasaur / Plesi / Tuso
    • No longer aggros sharks/eels/jellies/anglers
  8. Rock Drake
    • Now Breedable
  9. Cnidaria / Electrophorus
    • Reduced wild aggro range
  10. Pegomastax
    • Wild ones only aggro on players on foot [No more stealing from gigas]
  11. Ichthyornis
    • Wild ones only take meat, berries, veggies, and honey [no more scrolls/narco/kibble]


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I've shared my thoughts on discord already, but I can post here now. This is a mod I've played with. It's a great Quality of Life and improvement to PvE. It's nearly a complete overhaul of things. Like Phiomia can be milked for baby milk that will continuously fill food for a time for example. It's a mod I wouldn't mind adding, but it's it'll probably have to be done in stages as we decide what to enable and disable. I think Stoic's write up above is a good place to start and we can experiment and discuss further features to incorporate.