HOW-TO: Use VRage Remote Client


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First step is locating the client, I highly recommend creating a short-cut. The VRage client is located with the base game installation files. Easiest way to access them is through Steam.

Game Properties, then Browse Local Files:

Navigate to into the 'DedicatedServer64' folder, and locate the 'VRageRemoteClient.exe':

Once you have the VRage Client open you can enter the credentials and save a profile:
  1. Desired profile name
  2. Server address:
  3. Port Number: 28016
  4. Security Key: Provided by Sip

If the info was entered correctly, you should be able to connect to the server. This will allow use of server chat, and access to various other stats. As far as I know we cannot send 'Chat commands' via this client.

For those who will be using this please DM @Sipowicz to get a security key.
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