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We're wrapping up another excellent ExtraLife event with the ARK community. On November 5th, we went live on Twitch from our Seattle Office for 24 hours to support ExtraLife, a program of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. With your help, we were able to raise over $130K in support of kids' health! We were able to shatter our individual and team donation goals, setting up this year's event to be another unforgettable one! Throughout the Game Day event, we maintained the #2 team in total donations and in the top 5 for individual donations!

The ARK community has helped us raise well over 500K for children in need with the completion of our 8th ExtraLife event! These achievements wouldn't be possible without the support of the ARK community and sponsors! We are grateful for our generous, supportive players, partners & sponsors, & the opportunity to help facilitate this endeavor. Here's a recap of everything you may have missed during the 24-hour event!

  • 2X NVIDIA RTX 3090
  • 5X Game Vice Flex by GameVice
  • 100+ Noglin Hat
  • 100+ Noglin Plush
  • 100+ Dodo Plush
  • 5X ARK Collector's Edition boxes
  • HS55 Wireless Headset
  • HS80 Wireless Headset
  • Void RGB Elite Headset
  • K70 Pro TKL Keyboard
  • K70 Mini Wireless Keyboard
  • K70 RGB Pro Keyboard
  • M65 Ultra Wireless Mouse
  • Katar Elite Wireless Mouse
  • MM700 Mousepad
  • MM800 Mousepad
  • MM700 3XL Mousepad
  • 2X ID@Xbox 2020 skate decks
  • 2X ID@Xbox Pillow
  • 3X ID@Xbox Charging Controller Stands
  • 2X ID@Xbox Picnic Blankets
  • 2X Litra Glow light
  • 2X Litra Beam light
  • 1X Yeti X microphone

If you've won one of these amazing giveaways, please be patient! We'll be in touch over the coming days!

  • Syntac
  • HillbillyWilly
  • Royale With Cheese
  • Ark Community Charity Giveaway
  • Raasclark & Aaron Longstaff
  • Phlinger Phoo
  • NeddyTheNoodle
  • LoadedCrysis
  • Mo Nut
  • NaturalCauzes
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Tag along as we check out some of the mods in the Sponsored Mod Program!

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Studio Wildcard would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our wonderful community, including the awesome content creators who came in hot with their dedication and efforts. We just facilitate this; it's all of you who bolster us and make this an impactful event that directly helps those in need via the wonderful gaming community!

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