Diablo 3

Hey guys i was just wondering how many diablo 3 players we have and if anyone is active on it. I have had it since launch day but quit about 6 months into it cause of the live AH. just about a month ago i got back into it and man did they make a lot of changes for the better so just let me know! add me on Bnet "MikeOxHard#1855"


I played it once to the end, but in the end was not in love.
while in the same type I much preferred Torchlight 2. It's precisely the same style, with loot enchantments all that stuff and in the end the story in so much better, much more fun to play as a group just better in general.
diablo 3 e too dark, too much of the same colour/the same scenery.

I'll join you if you want to give tourchlight 2 a try :p


The Diablo 3 that was released a few years back is not the same we see today. The game have undergone amazing changes and the game constantly gets better in my opinion. I got the CE when the game was first released and I was beating myself up for wasting so much money on such a crappy game but since the game have just improved so much.


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I just picked it up as well for next to nothing, not so much for the game but for Heroes =). Got my mount and Diablo character.


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I got it for free back when it first came out and then picked up RoS. Initially I played through it once, then recently I have dabbled in it. The updates they made are good.


If anyone of you owns Diablo 3 and have not played it for years i'd recommend to give it another chance (preferably with RoS but..). It really have recieved some awesome improvements.