Space Engineers Community Spotlight 🧐 May 2022


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We are continually inspired by our incredible community - your creations, machinations, mods, stories, and visions of the world of Space Engineers drive us to excel. We would like to share a slice of creations that caught our eye during the past month.

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MES Wreckage by TheFinalEvent97

Designed for a salvage style of gameplay

311 different grids such as small drones, crashed ships, damaged outposts and rotating ring space stations. 99% of grids are damaged in some way, from light rocket damage to being practically ripped in half.

Ion Thrusters/Reactors/Jump Drives appear on some crashed ships on planets
No grids are aggressive, they are armed though ;-)

Crew Enabled by Patrick

This adds a crew of robots and astronauts to all NPC ships. This works with vanilla cargo ships NPC mods (including MES), and the economy ships and stations.
  • Provides crew for any ship, vehicle, or station owned by an NPC faction
  • Uses AI Enabled to provide pathing and behaviors for NPCs on ships.
  • Supports single player, multiplayer, and local hosted multiplayer games

Consolidation Armament by Plutonium & Foltast

The growing tension between Aenum Republic and Outer Planets Consolidation prompted the latter to immediately upgrade its battle fleet.

While dozens of shipyards throughout the Consolidation territory were producing new warships at a hasty pace, Consolidation Electronic Technologies, by special order of the Consolidation Council, began to develop new types of weapons that have a significant advantage over weapons available on the mass market.

PowerShare by Sherbert & Arkolis

Power Share introduces 2 blocks:
  • Power transmitter - Takes power from main grid and distributes up to 15MW by default to receivers in area (respecting permissions: Solo, faction, anyone) Also tops off all suits in 200m
  • Power Receiver - Draws power from transmitter and outputs up to 7MW to attached grid (small grid only)
Range, Power transfer rate, and transfer efficiency are configurable.

Grind To Learn 2 by s.o.v.a

From the start, you know nothing. Grind something to learn how to build it!
Thanks to Phoera for the original idea!

Planet Cascadia by Sikareshki

Cascadia is a super-habitable world covered in lush red vegetation. Planetary ring, exotic looking twisted clouds, strange biomes, and some kind of mystery may interest space explorers.

Rebels Gates by Kuvat

This mod adds a set of high-quality hangar gates to seamlessly fit into Space Engineers aesthetics,
containing 3 new versions of extra-large hangar doors to expand your construction options for you.

The Iron Maiden by Killerbee77

The newest edition to The Iron Orders weapon pack. The FEM-300 Heavy Repeater adds in a triple barrel repeater that launches tungsten rounds at incredible speeds. These rounds travel at record breaking speed and can penetrate through armor with ease leaving enemy ships riddled with dozens of tiny holes which has given the rise to its nickname The Iron Maiden.

These rounds travel so fast they are able to just barely bypass defensive shields however, they use up most of their energy doing so resulting in minimum damage. The Iron Maiden was designed to be a reliable weapons platform that could be used in any environment with ease. The Maiden has an extreme level of motion and is able to fire directly up and even below itself to some degree making it an easy choice for general ship/base defense.

BFG Hand-Railgun by Serža

  • BFG (Character weapon) - Aim the weapon for better accuracy
  • BFG Ammo - Survival ready, capable of moving small/medium grids
  • BFG Prototype Ammo - Extremely expensive, capable of moving large grids (capital ship sized)

Brahmin MH-19C by bolland83

  • Vehicle Type: Mining Hauler/Heavy Cargo Truck
  • Purpose: Ore collection missions in remote locations, cargo hauling, exploration, survival.
  • Operational Environment: Planetary Surface

We want to thank you for your continued work and inspiration. We will be searching, every month, for more great community additions, mods, blocks, builds. scripts, and stories.

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