Ark Community Crunch 352: Sponsored Mod Applications and Community Corner!


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The ARK roadmap is just around the corner, and we’re itching to give you a sneak peek into the future of the ARK universe. Stay tuned for more updates! Modders, remember to sign up for ARK's Sponsored Mod Program starting now until April 5th. Don't forget to check out our fantastic community content and all the incredible things they've been up to.

The ARK Sponsored Mod Program is accepting applications. You will be able to apply until April 5th.
Don't forget to submit your projects!

There will be no EVO event this week.

Fan Art Gallery | Screenshot Gallery | Artist Feedback Form

Creator: MrMEOLA
Watch the grand finale of MrMeola's journey through his Mega Modded Survival Server as he risks everything to defeat the endboss, Wukong the Destroyer.

Creator: MissVadams
Thanks to the Monarks, Miss Vadams was able to live out her dream of taking on The Island's Dragon Boss with an army of Carbonemys! Take a peak at how it went down!

Scorched Tribute by @Riinartist

It was a Carnotaurus Sastrei by @ChicheXDD

Griffin Steam Art by ToxinFly

Managarm by @maMe_buDo

Dark Matter by Keuran

The Wyvern King by @AquarielleArt

Albino Dodorex by Curlyyy26

Rock Golem by @XxStevieLad87xX

Well, hello there! by Safy90

Enjoy your weekend!
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