Adding a HLNA type of mod

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Hey fellow survivors of the ark.
Since the release of the new map genisis, there is a new feature where you can scan for stats, instead of having to KO every dino, before stats are shown. It is only on genisis this feature is though. So what im thinking is that, instead of transferring to another map, to look for dinos, why not add a small 3MB mod, with no server dmg what so ever(ive played with it many times). This way we dont have to transfer to genisis, every time you looking to stat tame.
I know this would bring us to 10 mods, but loading time, or server performance won't go down with this small mod. We could turn off outlines aswell, in the INI, for people who dont got a lot of ram, to make it enjoyable for everyone.
Thoughts on this?
-Filthy hobos, Maka
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