A mod to think about while setting up voterewards.


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Might be too late but I know I saw on discord not long ago you were updating it finally, and I mentioned it earlier on Discord myself so making a post.

Something I messed with my old server but never really built up a community to benefit from it. Can set it up so votereward gives an item you can consume for points. Then use points to claim rewards similar to how it was setup before. Say voting gets you 100pts you can then use that to buy 200 ingots, or save them and buy 1200 ingots for 500pts. Can also specialize these packages so new players can buy lower level stuff like narcs and arrows/metal tools/hide gear/ etc, and higher level can save up for later game stuff like tranq darts or something. Can also set it up so the items you can use to get points can be used to trade among players if it catches on.

Of course this requires another mod on the server, but it's something to consider. Can really help incentivise voting for the server everyday to get points for stuff.