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  • Recruitment Manager of Console Gaming - In charge of Divisions under Console Gaming, it is there choice on what Division’s should start up and who runs them, they help resolve any issues that are happening and help build towards the future of the Console Gaming Divisions

  • Division Leaders - Run the divisions and the divisions server, they come up with the rules, push for recruitment and make sure members are behaving in game and on the forums. Dedicated Teams we are currently looking for include:
    • Overwatch
    • League of Legends
    • Dota 2
    • Heroes of the Storm
    • Hearthstone
    • CSGO
    • Fortnite
    • PUBG

  • Web team - Our web team will be focused creating and updating constant items on our website. From forum maintenance to news articles, new items will be added frequently and we want the very latest on our website.