Ark Community Crunch 287: Sinomacrops, EVO Event, and More!


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Have you met our feisty and featherweight flier, Sinomacrops? In Community Crunch 282, we released the Sinomacrops dossier for the upcoming Lost Island free DLC map. Although our new friend may seem to mostly have its strength in traversal, Sinomacrops brings substantial utility for players of all types. A secondary inventory is available to players whilst it is shoulder-mounted and Sinomacrops packs a significant weight reduction on the items it's carrying for you! Who's ready to say hi to their new backpack buddy!?

In addition to Sinomacrops, Amargasaurus and Dinopithecus will make it's way to Lost Island later this year. Although Dinopithecus won the community vote for the Lost Island Creature Submission, we're looking forward to doing it again later this year. What creature would you like to see added to ARK?

Quality Of Life and Balance Patch
We plan to release a Quality of Life and Balance pass next week on PC, and a little further down the road on console. This patch will include various QoL additions along with some important balance-changes predominantly aimed at PvP. One of the key aspects we looked at in regards to balance is the prevalence of chain-stuns/crowd control in the current PvP meta - most specifically Void Wyvern, Shadowmane, Netgun and Plant Z. We've also made balance tweaks to various creatures and items that we think will make PvP more fun and interesting.
This patch also includes two newly breedable creatures! We do plan to make some more currently un-breedable creatures breedable in the future so stay posted if your favorite isn't included in this one!

Last but not least, we're kicking this weekend off with a breeding EVO event and a look at some amazing community content!

An ARK Evolution Event is active until Monday the 11th with the following EVO perks on all Official Servers!
  • 2X Breeding and Imprinting
  • 2X Taming
  • 2X Harvesting
  • 2X XP

Creator: pterafier
We are all excited to see what the Season 1 MONARKY series has in store! Check out the trailer below and hop on over to Episode 1 if you're as interested as we are!

Creator: The AxeMan
Get an early look at the new Titan Map by @codigoalex_. We have a feeling this will be a popular community map!

X-Yutyrannus by Amberghini

Feeding the Little Ones by Nalak

Godzilla vs. the Ice Titan by Daizua123

The Scorched Earth Guardian by Kitty#7656

Fanart of my Shadowmane by Fordale#4520

Untitled by MayaPatch#8071

Khal Alastor -Dusk-#8673 (Edit)


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Have a great weekend!
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