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PvP Server, Yes... Again!!

What map are using boi's?

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^^that, yep, yep yep.

Honestly other than fine tuning on the end of mods and rates. Which even those are mostly sorted. Id say I'm 100% content with what we've all come to.



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Rough draft of the new server layout. @Night made some great rule suggestions on THIS OTHER post. Feel free to make suggestions to the following.

The Volcano (now live for anyone who wants to assist set up... PM me)

Rates - 6x EXP - (10x?8x?) everything else
Rates will be high. We want this map to feel somewhat temporary. A place where PvP happens, but even a PvE player wont mind joining in.
Transfers - Downside is, what you bring in you can't bring back out. I like this idea... because it means if you choose to use something for war... you cant simply transfer it back and retreat... if you can't defend what you brought.. you lost it.
  • Characters in and out.
  • After 10-days items/dino downloads are enabled (NO UPLOADS)
  • ORP will be enabled for the first 2 weeks to help new players catch up.(after that...... well...... remember when daddy slapped mommy at the dinner table?)
  • Basic stuff... No harassment, Cheating, Greifing.
  • Greifing: Repeat killing new bro's (lvl 30 and down), capturing players for an excessive/unnecessary amount of time, Killing in progress tames
  • Please raid with purpose, no "Wiping" Bases
  • Only tribes with Metal and/or Turrets can be raided or participate in raiding.
  • Tribe member limts?
  • We ask that players do not build in areas that block valuable resources such as metal nodes, beaver dams, underwater caves, etc. Building in surface caves is permitted only for ease of access structures, i.e. Walkways, ramps, ladders, and beds. Please no bases inside caves.
  • We do not tolerate harassment of other players, griefing, or cheating. This Includes Hate speech or racial slurs.
Wipes - After 3 months, the map will be Eligible for a VOTE to wipe. If things are going very well, and most player are having fun with the game cycle still there is no reason we wouldn't let it keep going. A vote to wipe would need a 75% majority to pass. and IF a vote to wipe passed, we would allow tribes to select a to be determined number of dinos, and items back to PvE as Prizes for holding on till the end of the cycle.
Rates should be 6EXP n 10X the rest i would say


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I'm lovin it!
I also like the 12 Hour raid rule, along with no consecutive raids on the same tribe within 2 nights.

One more thing, we want the HG stacking mod, yes?
If so which one, since the mod dev has many versions offering different stacks and weight reductions.


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