Clan News A member, guildmate, friend, and a letdown


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Hello everyone, I've been running Communities almost my whole life. I started back in the very beginning of the Counter-Strike Era managing a small CS Beta clan(Clan Avalanche) and moved to managing other communities much larger(SectionVIII-Xbox 360). I've seen my deal of drama, I've seen the good times, and i've seen the bad times such as a community disbanding. I'm usually the backbone to many operations and choose to get something up and running over being able to play a game or two with guild mates.

So fast forward through the years, I met what I would call, a great guild mate, a clan mate, a best friend, Rexigar. We were co-workers that both liked to game so it was just made to happen. And believe it or not I had just left a guild not to long ago due to a failed game(Darkfall Online) so I was guild free. So we played a few games together, dabbled in WoW a little before setting our sites on SWTOR. As we looked for a guild that suited our needs, we hated them all. They all had annoying leadership and were either too hardcore for our liking or just plain awful. So we decided to just form our own. We started making recruitment posts, websites, and started mass messaging people. Long story short, we met some really cool guys and some really nasty people. Of course (and this will be a main point of this story). But had a good time, told the nasty people to leave moved on. This happens again for a few games, recruit some, find the bad seeds, kick them out. Which brings me to Revenant's biggest change. Originally we started as a US-East SWTOR Guild. Eventually we somehow ended up a International Multi-gaming community. Which was fine for us and Revenant grew huge overnight. Years went by until one day some individuals decided to go crazy, Revenant wouldn't give in crazy random demands and we asked them to leave.

Now forward onto current year, After the little downfall of Revenant's International venture, we decided to play it chill and go with the flow. We played games such as WoW, Hots, Overwatch, and a few other non Blizzard type games. During this time, we had a applicant on the site , his nickname was Jikard (" "). He wanted to play Hots with us and it happened to work out because. Hell, we were in Chair League baby!. We quickly accepted him and had a blast with him. As new games out, Jikard quickly would pick them up and play along with a couple of us that like to play various games. We eventually invited him to our google chat, a chat that a couple of us started while being stuck at work. We learned about Jikard's history, past, present, future. We learned about family, helped him through jobloss, and praises during job recruitment. We opened our doors in our World of Warcraft Division, went through hours of strategy, lore, and alliance vs horde talk. I don't even think zipping all of the conversations of just WoW would be possible, there are millions and millions of dialog between the few of us in Google Chat. We had talked about possible all attending a blizzcon together, we started playing D&D (some of us) online with him. He official had a bro nickname and we were even named the best group of friends he had since forever.

Then one night, when everyone was asleep, this member decided just to vanish. Blocked everyone he knew from Revenant on Battlenet, Wow, Google Chat, Steam, discord and every other known form of communication. He deleted hours of work from D&D, closed doors to resources and refused to respond to any communication from friends. No one in Revenant knew what happened, we thought maybe it was a joke and would give him the benefit of the doubt. Later that night we realized he had transferred servers (now on aerie peak).

We then notice his new guild of choice(Esper). At this point, a few of us are just in flames over the randomness of some people. We have had people leave before because they wanted a faster environment, or to raid at a higher level. But they at least communicated with us, Jikard... Nothing.

So to the point of this wrong rambling post is that hopefully if future leaders of various communities search for the name Jikard, they will see this post about a individual who just vanishes on real good friends. They will think twice about allowing them to apply. For all those who don't(esper) I wish you good luck and warn you to never turn your back. Limit what you allow him to see and do. Otherwise, I will just say "I told you so".