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    Man I did about 100x better than my first Heroic run last Tuesday. Less nerves and a better understanding of the bosses/what the players like to do makes an insane difference. Cannot wait to finish the dungeon on Thursday.
    Hey mate I was speaking to Nina last night about the guild wars 2 division and she was explaining about approving members etc and general permissions , she suggested I fly you a quick message to let you know that I haven't been given any on here yet and says I'm just a member , I got officer on teamspeak etc . It's not a big prob or anything just thought I'd let you know ..

    Thanks Blake .
    You'll notice some Twitch features slowly making it back to the site. Let me know what you think.
    Hi! I saw a post about an Xbox division on a site? I'm a few months late, but if that is still open i'm willing to talk about it. I'll apply to be member if so.
    Hey Riva, I saw your post on EQNexus about leadership for the EQN branch. when it's possible I like to chat with you if at all possible about the position. I sent you a Steam friend invite so whenever you're available that would be awesome! Thanks :)

    When you get a minute, could you chat with me on Xbox One? I would like to discuss the leadership position for Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Xbox One console.
    Hey, saw your post on Steam about Rust. I am looking for a mature groups of friends to play with. I am also interested in Day-Z and Elder Scrolls Online. Maybe other games not sure yet. I added you on steam. Message Me.
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