Denied Jikard - Member Application for Heroes of the Storm


Name / Gamertag:
Jikard Battletag: Jikard#1545
Where are you located?:
Western USA
What division are you applying for?:
Heroes of the Storm
Put any additional information regarding the division your applying for.:
I'm currently rank 27 in Hero League, Player level 40, I have all but 8 heroes of the available heroes unlocked and am pretty flexible on the role I play. I have 1160 games played.
Why do you want to join Revenant?:
I saw a recruitment post for casual E-Sports and have been looking to try and get into E-Sports but to be casual to start out. I've watched some of the streams and it seems to be the kind of group I'd like to join,
How did you find out about Revenant?:
I saw a recruitment post.
Do you belong to any other clans,communities, or guilds?:
Not at the moment.
Previous Gaming Experience?:
World of Warcraft, Warcraft 3, Starcraft 2
What time do you typical play?:
I usually play around 8am-1pm MST and 12am-4am MST during the week and during the weekend I'm open most anytime.
Do you agree with the terms and guidelines?:
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