Switching from Space Engineers to Empyrion


  1. Alright so this is going to be some shitty formatting but I just wanted to try and get you guys to move over to Empyrion from SE.
  2. First things first PvE is way easier to deal with and you won't need an admin wasting their time going over logs because some idiot decided to blow someone's shit up.
  3. If a planet/orbit is PvE you cannot build anything or drill near any player-made structure and you can't interact with anything that belongs to them.
  4. The way the playfields work is there's several planets or asteroid fields in one system and the server only "works" on the playfields that a player is currently in.
  5. You could be in the Earth Orbit playfield when you get close enough to Earth you get teleported inside the atmosphere and put inside Earth.
  6. The Earth Orbit now shuts down and only the Earth playfield is putting weight onto the server performance.
  7. Big ships do NOT destroy server performance and you can have massive ship battles and not destroy your framerate or connection to the server. Expect a short period of lag though if someone in a giant ship enters your playfield.

  8. PvP playfields are just that but there's a nice little block called Offline Protection that prevents your base from being altered with in any way as long as you're offline and the base is powered.
  9. Ships are NOT as complex as they can be in SE but you can find some very neat designs on the workshop and spawn them in using the blueprint constructor that's in every player's PDA.
  10. What you can do is find a blueprint on the workshop or make one yourself and there will be something called the factory in your PDA where you can enter any items you don't want and they'll progress towards the blueprint construction. If you use completed blocks or components (Steel block or steel plates) instead of raw items like steel ingots, the blueprints gets created quicker.
  11. The blueprints are tied to your level, so a ship that has gatling guns won't be unlocked until you're level 7, which is when you can use skill points to be able to craft the gatling gun block. You don't need to actually own the technology but at least be a high enough level to unlock it IF you have enough skill points.
  12. The other neat feature is having to deal with radiation, temperature, food, water, and status effects like poison or parasites.
  13. There are also MANY POIs (points of interest) that can be looted or turned into a base.
  14. POIs like wreckages can be turned into a base and you can find some small loot.
  15. Villages and settlements won't attack the player and you can find NPC traders in them and constructors and medic bays.
  16. Enemy POIs like defence towers or drone factories will be heavily armed with turrets on the inside and outside and will have lots of good loot inside. You will have to kill the enemy aliens roaming around inside the facility if you're going to want access to all the loot though. There's also many trap doors and secret rooms inside these POIs with more loot.
  17. I know you guys like a PvPvE experience without having the PvP shoved down your throat and without having to worry about players breaking your shit and I think this'll be a massive improvement over SE.
  18. PS: I find this game much easier to run and my FPS is much more stable. There are going to be some bugs here and there but it's nothing compared to SE.


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The only problem is I don't think we have a lot of players with Emp, so to tell all of our SE players hey, were switching off SE so go buy Emp wouldn't be the best move. We can def. consider opening a Emp server but I don't think at the cost of a SE Server.