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The first thing I noticed were the graphics. I only played it on the Xbox One mind you, but the graphics and sounds were the first things that jumped out to me. I tried all of the available game modes and enjoyed them all. I am a person where FPS's get boring to me, but it's something about shooting blasters and being immersed in the Star Wars universe that captivates me.

I also like how they have a reload mini-game if you will. That gets harder each time you successfully do it. I am keeping my web pages constantly refreshed to get more information on this game. Below are a couple links to the play sessions I had. If anyone wanted to check some gameplay out.


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The Positives from what I saw? Awesome graphics, sound, gameplay with a few tweaks.

Already 50 dollar season pass.


i played for like 16 hours because it is star wars lol i ran into some issues with my system it kept maxing out my cpu even on low and playing on high that might be my cpu have issues but it is better than the minimum that is needed to play idk exactly why it was occurring but the only time i was having that issues was when i was loading into a match and logging into the game i reached the max rank it was very fast and yes i know it is the beta it is not the highest rank most likely i thought the they could use a few more modes in the beta but what we got was good flying fely good and winning the match always felt like u a achievement some times i will admit i ran into a team witch was just my team being out classed by miles but to me that is just a part of playing a massive battle type game and seeing that they have the skills to do it it was fun and sorry this was a bit of a rant and to the price point i think it might be worth the price but and i do say but i think it needs some work still and i hope the game does well i might get it some time down the road after it comes out idk when but i most likely will buy it eventually


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Yea, Rex and I are working out the details on picking it up. However I think were going to go XBOX One with this purchase(sorry PC'ers).