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In 2010, I created the internet, and with the internet I needed a community…. No not really. Let me tell you a little bit about the history of Revenant Gaming. In 2008 through 2010 I was playing various games such as Darkfall Online (PvP MMORPG) , Global Agenda (Sci-Fi based Third Person Shooter/Online TPS), as well as various other games. I hoped through some very respectable Communities such as Realm of Kirdain(for Darkfall) and Cybernetic Punks (Great people). With both locations, I was always involved with the admin side of things. I was always the, how can I make the experience better for the community. So eventually something would happen ie: games dying, people moving on etc. So I also decided to split when the time was right. Fast forward to later 2010, at my current place of employment, a new employee was starting in my department which is never good. Sure enough, he was as big gamer like myself. You will get to know him as Rex, and he helped form what you see today.

Fast forward a couple months, we had jumped into a couple of online games together such as WoW and played for a month or two. Nothing big really ever came out of it. We tried a few time to make a small guild, came up with some funky names, and they ended just as fast as they started. After many “breaks” from other games, we had set our eyes on SWTOR from bioware. This MMORPG seemed like it was going to be a great game for us to dive into. With both of us being Star Wars fans and myself being a huge Star Wars Galaxies fan, we had high hopes for a fun game. So we set out to find a community we could join up with. We searched and searched but we just ran into issues and OCD nitpicks about every community we came across. Little things that don’t usually bug people like, no website to hang out in, or leader with zero experience, it just all added up quick. So Rex and I sat at work one day asking ourselves, there is such a flood of SWTOR guilds, but no real quality in any of them. Could we just start our own? Maybe? Lucky for us, Bioware had one of the top ways to handle guilds pre-launch that I’ve seen for any MMO. Easy to filter options, locations, play styles and sign up for your team so you were all placed in the same server. So Rex and I sat down , bought some food , and spent the next 5 years thinking of a name for the community. Joking, although it probably did take a few days. By April 2011, we had decided on the name Revenant and shortly after in the beginning of May had a new website/forums up and running at We than began to recruit, we had 6 months to build our community prior to the game launch. We started searching other guilds, offering them sanctum in our community. We offered alliances, mergers, and free hugs. We were able to snag some of the previous WoW players from previous other failures as well as landing quite a bit of support from the dual boxing community.(PSA: Dual boxing is when you play multiple characters on a MMO or Online game from 1 computer. Usually with a script or special software). Where as many communities shut out the dual boxing community, we gladly opened our arms and welcomed anyone who wanted it. We quickly grew from a small raid team to a full community of around 100 players. The forums were always active, and drama seemed to flow in from all sides. We entered full force into SWTOR and quickly cleared all the content and secrets within a few weeks, making us one of the largest guilds on our server at the time. However, the fun ended fast, game got boring and various players quickly went other directions. To try and keep Revenant going we jumped ship back to the newly released expansion (Mists of Pan).

So Revenant jumped around for the remainder of the year, we went through some salty seas, lost some good players who had claimed someone we thought we could trust(someone who lived local to Rex and I, and we just blew off others because why wouldn’t we trust someone we had started hanging out with). Until one day, we experience firsthand this individuals wrong doing. We than realized that all the drama from the start of Revenant had been this user and we had suffered a lot of losses because of it. We quickly partly ways and started picking up the Pieces one by one. The wow ship sailed shortly after.

Picking up the Pieces Part 1
So we had blown a big chunk of users away due to previous drama and we eventually ditched wow so any die hard wow players moved on. What do we do now? Rebuild. We hopped over a few games from here to there. Took small breaks from PC Gaming and focused on the Xbox 360/Xbox One release. Picking up a few players here and few players there. Numbers very slowly started picking up until one day Rex and I decided to try out a game called Dayz, a arma 2 mod. We had some great times and shortly after the official Dayz Stand alone went on sale. We decided that we wanted to have numbers in this game because why not? It’s a zombie apocalypse. Threw up recruitment posts in every direction and quickly got some awesome players. This is the part where I’ll call out the names of Bsquare and Manbear because they were awesome people to hang out with. While picking up the pace we ran across many dayz players who could not find a EU community for dayz. So Rex and I sat down and decided, what if we open the doors for international players? Boom, Revenant Gaming – A International Gaming Community was born. We quickly started gaining players almost daily, with a huge influx of EU players. Community grew fast, our website grew even faster, and we began expanding in all aspects. Shortly after we created the Not lan lan party or NLLP for short. This was a get together and game hard night for both sides of the ocean. We had players from EU up all night and players from US jumping on as soon as that 5 pm work siren let out. Revenant was becoming everything we had hoped , however it also grew into something we did not want to ever run into again.

Meeting the future supporters of Revenant
So as the community quickly grew, Revenant tried boosting a bunch of games. We went to SWTOR again, csgo, arma3, and even back to WoW. I don’t really recall what expansion we were on, or where or why we went back in the first place. But I can honestly say we would of not met some of best players ever if we had not. A lonely player (we will call him Gruff) was looking for a wow team for him and his friends. TL:DR Gruff, Titurius, and Sip have become the backbone of Revenant.
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