Post Your PC Specs!


My custom built low-end pc. Air cooled.

AMD FX 8350 8cores, OC @ 4,6 GHz
8gb DDR3 @ 2400 MHz
Radeon R9 270X, stock speeds.
600W PSU
22" Full HD lcd screen
Wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse.
Win 8.1 Pro x64

Upcoming Upgrades (in 2014):

New mobo


UPDATE: updated the specs, new parts!
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Mine gets 1 upgrade a year just about. But I am rocking.

Intel i5- 3750K rocking at stock running at 3.4ghz stock.
8GB G.Skill Ares Ram
Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 MB
ATI 6950 2GB Flex(up to 5 monitors)
XFX 650W Pro Power Supply
22/24/22 setup for screens.
Windows 7
Logitech G15/ Asus ROG Mouse / Nostromo MMO Keypad

Blue Snowball Microphone
Logitech X540 5.1 Speakers
Logitech G930 7.1 Headset


CPU: Intel i7-930
RAM: 8GB Corsair Dominator
OS: Windows 7 64-bit Professional
PSU: CoolerMaster SilentPro 1200w 80+ Gold Certified
Mobo: ASUS W6T6-WS Revolution
Monitor: Haans.G 28" 1920x1200
Case: HAF 922
GPUs: CrossFire GIGABYTE 697OC 2GB
Keyboard: M$ Sidewinder X4
Mouse: Logitech G500
Headset: Turtle Beach Ear Force Z6A


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Dell Studio XPS 8100 (Building my Next One)
Intel i7 - 860 @2.80GHz
Radeon HD 5770
3x ROC 24" LCD's (EyeFinity FTW)
Logitech G19 Keyboard
Logitech 5.1 Speakers
Logitech MX518 Mouse
Windows 7 64 Bit


Asus G74S
Intel i7-2670QM
Geforce GTX 560M
Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD
1 TB Mechanical Drive
Windows 8.1 Pro


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HP pavillion
AMD phenom ll x4 925 proc
2 tb
hd 7950 saphire (boost)
HP 2711x led moniter
Log g700 mouse / steelseries merc stealth keyboard /Steel series headset
win 7 64
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Alienware MX17
Intel i7-4700mq 3.4 ghz
1 tb hd (samsung m8). 128 gb ssd (samsung 840 pro)
geforce gtx 770m 3 gb
16 gb ddr3 ram
Razor Death Adder mouse
win 7 pro 64
killer m1 nic


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Desktop custom built :

Case-Haf 922
PSupply-xfx 750w
Mobo-Gigabyte G1 Sniper z87
CPU-Intel i5-4670k stock
CPU Cooler-coolermaster Seidon 240m SC water
Mem-Gskill F3 8gb
Gpu-Evga GTX780 TI
HD1-Samsung EVO 250gb ssd (windows 8 and all games)
HD2-Samsung 1tb (everything else)
KB-Logitech G110
Mouse-Razer deathadder 2013
Mouse pad-rocketfish aluminum control side used
Mic-cheap? (let me know if it sounds cheap)

All gaming on home theater 60 inch sharp, thru Pioneer Rec and 5.1 Klipsch speakers.


Here are mine :) , recently upgraded:

CPU i7 4770@stock speed (no K version)
CPU cooler Corsair Hydro H80i
Mobo Asus Maximus V1 Hero
Mem Kingston HyperX Red 16GB
GPU Asus GTX560 DirectCUII
HD1 Kingston 120GB SSD
HD2 Seagate 1TB
Monitor Philips Gioco 27"
KB Razer Deathstalker Expert
Mouse Logitech Performance MX
Mouse pad Steelseries QCK+


i5 2550k @5ghz
asrock extreme 3 gen 3 mobo
16gb gskill ram 2133
Samsung 840 pro ssd (can't remember how much 120 or 240 or something like that)
4tb barracuda hardrive (no raid's or anything just a big arse drive from seagate)
xfx radeon 6990 (in crossfire)
kinesis contour keyboard
evoluent mouse

HAF932 case

The case remains the best part of the computer. I love the haf. I built my wife's new computer out of the same box, but her's is much newer. I was going to update the whole hot mess this year, but instead I am buying the new ROG750jx from Asus. The damned thing is running 3k for preorders. However, I may get a nvidia 780 ti card to max some settings on wildstar...


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I was going to update the whole hot mess this year, but instead I am buying the new ROG750jx from Asus. The damned thing is running 3k for preorders. However, I may get a nvidia 780 ti card to max some settings on wildstar...
If you haven't bought it already, Can I try to talk you out of it? Let me start by saying I am an original adopter of ROG Laptops(I have the Asus G73JH) which is original Line of "Black Bird" style laptops. Mine came with i7 quad processor, 8GB of Ram, 2x500GB Hard drives, blu-ray, ATI 5870m, etc. I absolutely have loved my laptop for the "now 4 years" I've owned it. However there has always been 1 big issue. The weight. These things are heavy, and are not easy to move around. At the time I bought it because it was cheaper to get this, and had similar performance to the non SLI laptops from alienware. So besides the Alienware SLI, this was the fastest laptop out there. Now that my laptop is starting to show it's age, i've eyeballed newer laptops and have had my eye on 2 laptops.

I am also considering a full tablet PC like Razers Gaming Tablets. I mainly have changed the idea that I don't need super High Res to game on the go. I'm happy with Medium-High with at least 30fps, and Razers tablet can do this for most games.


I am not too sold on which particular laptop i will be getting. I know it will be purchased in June or July, and it will have 880m in it. It could be a clevo, alienware, origins, rog, or any of the ten other upper limit gaming laptops.

As for the weight, I am a giant man...

Spyders Folly

Rosewil Galaxy-01 case
ASRock 970 Extreme 3 Mobo
AMD FX-6300 6-Core Processor 3.5 GHz
G-Skill Sniper Series Ram (1866) - 8MB
Saphire Radeon R7 260x 2GB Video Card
A4Tech Bloody V8MA Gaming Mouse
SteelSeries Mouse Pad
Corsair CX750M PSU
Turtle Beach X-11 Headset

I still need to upgrade my crap keyboard and get a new headset, but it`s all been a work in progress.


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Man, everyone has these mouse pads, I might have to think about picking one up.

Spyders Folly

Man, everyone has these mouse pads, I might have to think about picking one up.
I got mine @ Walmart...$9.98 or something like that...and it`s a pretty big pad and I like it. It works great for me.


  • 1TB internal SATA III HDD + 1TB external SATA III HDD
  • MSI Z77A-G43 Z77 Socket 1155 8 Channel HD Audio ATX Motherboard
  • 3 x Crucial 8GB DDR3 1333 MT/s
  • Corsair TXM 850W Semi Modular PSU
  • Intel Core i7 3770K 3.5GHz Socket 1155 8MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor
  • Thermaltake Contac 21 CPU Cooler
  • PowerColor HD 7870 PCS+ Vortex II Edition 2GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDMI Dual Mini DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card
  • Coolermaster 334U Case
  • Corsair Vengeance 1300 Analog PC Gaming Headset


PC Specs: W.I.P.

(Forgot and Dont feel Like Cracking Case for S/N, Came in Stock Pavillion)
PSU: Corsair CX600M
HDD: WD 1Tb 7200Rpm
CPU: Intel i5 2400 3.1Ghz Quad Core
RAM: 8Gb DDR3 1600Mhz PNY "Performance Series"
CASE: Stock HP Pavillion
MOUSE: 4Tec Bloody V7 Gaming Mouse
HEADSET: Turtle Beach X12
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OCZ silent 650
CPU: Intel I7 870
COOLER: Corsair H55
RAM: 8Gb G-Skill ripjaws
GPU: Saphire 270x Toxic
CASE: Corsair Carbide Air 540
SSD: OCZ agility 60GB ( Boot drive) Samsung 840 EVO 12oGB ( games )
HDD: 1TB samsung Spinpoint
KEYBOARD: Corsair K65
MOUSE: Corsair M65
HEADSET: Turtle Beach X1 (desperatly needs replacing)


  • MOBO: Asrock Z87 Extreme 4
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K @4,5Ghz (1.27 V)
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 780Ti @1250Mhz
  • RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz
  • COOLING: Corsair H100i Liquid cooling /w Noctua fans
  • SSD 1: Samsung 840 Pro 128GB SSD
  • SSD 2: Intel 330 120GB SSD
  • HD: 1TB Western Digital Green
  • PSU: Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 850W Platinum
  • CASE: Fractal Design Define R4 windowless
  • MOUSE: Steel Series Sensei RAW
  • KEYBOARD: Ducky Shine 3 Cherry MX Blue
  • DAC: NuForce uDAC2
  • HEADSET: Steel Series Siberia V2
  • HEADPHONES: Sennheiser HD600
  • MONITOR 1: QNIX QX2710 1440p @96Hz
  • MONITOR 2: BenQ XL211T 1080p @144Hz


  • Windows 7 Home PRemium 64bit. Danish

  • Intel® Core™ i7-3960X (6 Core Extreme, 15MB Cache 3.8Ghz

  • Dual AMD® Radeon™ HD 7950 Grafikcards with 3GB *CrossFireX™

  • 16.384 MB (4 x 4 GB) 1.600 MHz Quad Channel DDR3

  • SATA-II-harddrive with 1 TB, 7.200 U/min and 32 MB Cache

  • Sound Blaster® XFi™ Titanium PCIe card

  • Cyborg X7 keyboard

  • Cyborg rat7 Mouse

  • Cyborg X5 flight stick

  • Logitech G35 Headset