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hello dudes,
so recently on teamspeak everyone has been telling me that I've cheating everyone because my voice sounds a lot different when I change to another microphone (better one). That said I was looking to get a better mic/headphone, this is the one that I saw that seemed the better for my price range.
Logitech G430

What do you guys think about that one?
and if not that one witch one would be a good buy?
(my price range would be around the price of the G430)


Astros are amazing. My first question would be. Do you have a good headset? (not counting the mic).
well kinda good but maybe not good enough for new standards.
if you are going to say to keep the headset for sound and get a separate mic, that's not a solution, because i share the room with other people, up to 3 other people sometimes. so noise cancellation and unidirectional voice is a must. If I get a desk mic it will be constantly picking up random noises...


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Most decent desktop mics will be 100x better in terms of background noise then a headset mic. Especially a sub 100 euro one. Blue mics, or even some smaller cardroids would be great.


I forgot to post here that I ended up ordering the logitech g430, and they arrived yesterday.
My review so far: very good. Good sound, the 7.1 surround seams pretty good. The mic sounds so much better than my last at least according to everyone on teamspeak last night. :p Everyone says that I've been lying this last year because my voice is so much different with the new mic.
I don't everything to compare it than against my last ones and in that comparison the g430 wins easily.

for now it's a thumbs up from me to anyone considering a still affordable new headset ;)