Member of the Month - January


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So we decided to start a new thing here at RG, and that is to shine the spotlight on members who have gone above and beyond to make RG a great place to hang out. So each month we will be giving a member, a MotM post similar to this one.

So to start out the new year, I'd like to congratulate @Sipowicz for being our first Motm.

Some of you might not know Sipowicz, He came over with a band of friends a few years ago to join us in WoW with his rogue. Some of you might know him as that man who can't land a parachute in GTA (

While others will know him for his excessive use of the game Ark.


Either way , you should know Sipowicz for the extensive hard work he has put into making a awesome Ark Server for his fellow Revenant members as well as the outside community. Sip spends countless hours adjusting, administrating, and migrating his Ark server to make it the best experience for everyone. We want to thank Sip for is continuing effort to better the community.

We also have a couple of questions answered by Sipowicz himself so take a look below!

Can you recall how you found and joined Revenant?
I was found wandering the streets of Gilneas, Cold, wet, and alone. My new friends I worked tirelessly to defeat BlackHand, and the whole BlackRock Foundry!!

How long have you been with Revenant?
We met in 2015, It was true love at first sight.

Can you tell us a little about your gaming history?
I played a normal amount of console games as a kid. We didn't have much money so I always played at a friends house.
My favorite console games were Punch out, Super Mario (1,2,3,World,and 64), GoldenEye 007, Conkers Bad Fur Day, Body Harvest, ShadowGate 64, and Halo.
I got my first PC in 98, and in 99 my closest friend introduced me to Team Fortress Classic. :) We played this game for years, until it died. :( After that I played mostly Single player Shooters, like Hitman, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto.
Right after high school I lost track of the gaming world for a few years, until mid 2009. When another of my Closest friends (unbeknownst to me) installed a 30 Day free trial of a SOOPER nerdy game on my pc. :cool: A game that I had ridiculed my circle of friends for playing. By day 4 of that trial I was hopelessly addicted to World of Warcraft. :p Of course there were a few other favorites, such as FarCry, Fallout, and Assassins Creed.
But no game has engrossed me like Ark: Survival Evolved has. Since this games introduction to steam in June 2015, I have logged roughly 2000Hrs into it. Which brings us to today. :D

Is there anything you could comment about yourself that others might not know?
Im also a HUGE car guy. Classic Muscle makes my pants shrink.


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Congratulations Sip!!! You are a great server admin. It really helps to be on a server where the admin is involved in a healthy way. I was so sick of servers where, reaching the admin for serious concerns was impossible. If there is a problem, he is doing everything possible to remedy it. I love the community that comes with his server as well. Everyone is so helpful and brings good jokes. You had me at Revenant!