Looking for a new mouse


Same idea as the keyboard thread. I'm looking to pick up a new mouse, I currently have some basic Logitech model at the minute but its too small and hurts my hand during long sessions. It also has no extra buttons which I feel at minimum an extra button or two would come on handy.

So anyone got any advice or recommemdations on a decent mouse.... That's big!?


I have the Logitech G600, although I never play MMOs, I use it for shooters and Teamspeak Keybinds, I really like the 3rd mouseclick they added, as I use my indexfinger for my left click and my middlefinger for my right click, normally with this grip, my pinky would drag, but because of that 3rd button, my ringfinger can rest on there and my pinky can go on the side of the mouse. You can use that 3rd mouseclick for anything, like push to talk on TS or a quick aim button (lowering your dpi when you hold it, don't recommend this as it renders your muscle memory useless) (I use mine for melee).

Then you have like a ton of buttons on the side, which are angled so you can find every button easily, without having to look at your mouse. It also has 2 extra buttons on the top, most people would use these for profile switching or DPI switching. I also find it quite handy for navigation in my browser, you can tilt the middle mouse button to either side, which allows me to go back pages (you can of course, also bind this function to the thumb buttons.)

The backlighting on the buttons is amazing, as it shows me which profile I am currently using, it has some cool lighting effects as well from pulsing 1 color to going through the whole color scheme.

If you don't want that many buttons, I have heard good things about Steelseries mice.


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I use a Logitech MX 518, which is nothing too fancy. It only has two buttons on the side of the mouse which I use for various things. This mouse is very comfortable for long play sessions and the design feels good. I am 6'2" and have above normal sized hands and the mice with a lot of buttons on the side, I find myself hitting too many of them with my fat thumbs lol. I have tried a nicer wireless mouse and I went back to this one.



I don't know how much money you want to spend but in case money is tight (which usually is) check the brand nox, nox krum kull in particular.
In portugal you can get those for 20€ which is a good deal considering the quality.
the brand is spanish and since they are not very well knowed their prices are very good. I got their headset "Krush" for 20€ and they are really good, they feel like a 50-70€ headset if it sad 'steelseries' on the side... the mouse has good review, check it out ;)


thanks for all the replys, definatly gonna check em all out! had a quick look at the kull mouse @poispois recommended dunno if you can purchase them outside of portugal and spain yet :(


@SamSkumm the web store where I found it only sends to PT but if you really want that one and can't find a way to ship it to you, I can buy it and then just send it to your home. PM if that's the case ;)
but still check ebay.com or ebay.es you should find it there