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So I'm in a bit of a pickle. There are 3 things I wanted to somehow see for xmas but didn't as I know they are expensive. But I got some giftcards and what not. So I'm trying to design what to do.

  • Naga Gaming Mouse
  • Windows 8.1 Tablet
  • Nvidia GTX 970
So I have roughly 250 dollars in Giftcards and I'm willing to throw about another $100 on top of that. So here is my case that im trying to sell myself.

There really isn't a tablet at bestbuy that I like(bestbuy is really the only local eletronics store in New York), if there was frys or microcenter i'd probably be all set. 150 dollars of the giftcard is for best buy. So I'm really stuck ordering something from BB. So my thought process was, Order a GTX 970 almost to almost triple my current speed(about $350) so that would be my giftcards plus $100. Then once that arrives, I would sell my 270x for about $100-$150 dollars. After I would then use the cash to buy a tablet off of somewhere else, plus some reserve cash i've been saving for something like this. This would short me the naga, but I could probably hold off. Decisions, Decisions.


Your train of thought seems pretty legit to me, just go for the 970 first and see what you can get for your 270x. I wouldn't say the Naga is that important if you have a decent at the moment.


yeah i agree go with the biggest purchace first and then the rest are easier to afford / explain :p later!


Why do you need a 970? If you're looking to upgrade your gfx card, just stick with AMD. Better value for money.
Sure nvidia is better but you won't see much difference in performance between a 970 and its AMD equivalent until you go into very high end graphics (im taking about ultra gfx, fxaa injectors, Overclocking the gfx card etc).


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R9 270x = 4500 benchmark score
970 GTX = 8600 benchmark score GTX 970&id=2954 if you look at cost per performance, it's at top. The 280x is behind it but the performance is almost zero jump for me. Where as if you have gamed in the last year on a pc, Nvidia just has the advantage in technology with a huge portion of the market. 4000 benchmark is a huge jump in performance, Plus the increased RAM is High res 4k ready where as anything AMD is limited and still stuck 3 direct X version behind. I've been a fan of AMD for years but they have fallen very far behind.
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