**VOTE**Ragnorok PvP Wipe/Map Change

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Ragnarok PvP: Wipe it ,or Change it

Poll closed Dec 1, 2017.
  1. Change it to Aberration

  2. Leave it as is, just Wipe it

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  1. Sipowicz

    Sipowicz Server Admin Staff Member Officer

    Jan 27, 2015
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    I have avoided this issue as long as we can. Since we opened this map it has been dead. And the ONLY time it was ever busy is when it being used as a PvE map.

    Its time for a Re-do on this server. Wiping is the minimum that will happen in order to rescue this server from death.

    Personally I think it needs to be changed to Aberration. Also I'm pretty convinced at this point that PvP unofficial is also pointless (not enough players, nor will there ever be). So maybe changing up server settings isn't a bed idea. I'm thinking we add ORP2 to it, make it just like the island server is set up.

    The outcome of this discussion will be carried out at my discretion. Considering the lack of donations i will do whatever it takes to maximize our game time, even if that means ultimately closing a few servers. :(

    Anyone who plays on this map please contact me about assistance with transferring stuff off the map.
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  2. Maka

    Maka Member Revenant Member

    Jun 13, 2017
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    Aberration FTW ! <3

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