Volcano Update


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Hey guys!

I thought I would mention some updates coming in the next patch, 257 ETA April 30th. This update has loads of stuff including bees, hogs, and the stego's little brother, the Kentro. Along with this update however, is something that started to worry me. The patch notes state that there will be a TEK Cave & Volcano. What this means can be speculated but it looks certain that an active volcano will be added to the Island, weather the existing one or a new one all together. I have been digging around and found that the Ark dev kit shows the peak of the new volcano and it fits almost perfectly with the existing volcano. The main purpose of my post is that if W/C does plan to screw it's players over AGAIN! and wipe the volcano, I would advise moving your metal outpost, whoever has one there. Keep in mind this might just be Ark speculation and but I thought I would tell the community. Maybe I'm just worrying over nothing but I sure wouldn't want to lose my metal outpost and I'm sure others don't either.