Update S+ Settings.

Enable Demo Gun/Poop Pushing?

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Server Admin
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Due to popular demand we are going to revisit our LONG standing settings for S+.

These settings have been put in place to ensure we don't over simplify intended game mechanics. Some things may not make a whole lot of sense by themselves, but as a whole intended to create some sort of challenge to the progression.

Two items at the top of the demand list are
  • Demo Gun
  • Poop pushing (Item Collector)
So we can start with a VOTE on those features.

As for the rest... Im willing to discuss as a community what might be beneficial to have. As long as we are mind-full of what can be harmful to long term game play. Probably goes without saying, but our goal is to keep these bad boys interesting LONG TERM. So far so good!! SO THANK YOU ALL!

Please take a look HERE for our current cluster settings.


Revenant Member
Thought I would drop a line here. If you notice any system performance drops after enabling this, it would be the gun use. The S+ Guns have been known to create severe server issues similar to 10x Berry farming with a Bronto but persisting off and on until the server is restarted.


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I'm okay with demo gun being brought back. It cuts down ah hour of taking base down to 5 mins. I see the inherent issues with that namely disgruntled tribe mates, but I feel responsibility falls on you to know who your inviting and whether they're trustworthy.

As for suggestions I'd love to see S+ Preserving Bins come back so I can pull Jerky ingredients easier. S+ Mortar & Pestle wouldn't hurt either for the same reason. Another suggestion would be allowing water intakes anywhere. Cuts down on the number of structures you need to have by removing the need for super long pipelines to the ocean, or a 100 watertanks stacked on each other.


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Neither one bothers me. It's not like it hard to move poop and demoing, I know when admins demo a structure for and even or something it really messes with server.


Server Admin
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After taking some more info based on @Night 's suggestion, we will NEED to do some testing on the Demo Gun feature BEFORE we add it. If we can reproduce some of the concerns expressed to me about that feature, I will HAVE to veto that option.


Staff Member
Yep, can confirm. Demo gun has crashed me, disconnected me, and royally screwed up my game files in certain instances. If we could somehow limit the rapid fire shooting, we'd be bueno, but as far as I can see, there aren't any settings that support this....