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This thread is for suggestions on any improvements we can make to the Space Engineers server. This can include MOD additions, and any server side settings that can be altered. Keep in mind that any new mods COULD have a negative impact on server stability, and if we do choose to install any more mods we will be very selective based on the mods level of support.

Below are the current settings for our server.

  • 10x Inventory
  • 3x Assembler
  • 3x Refinery
  • Speed limit adjusted
    • Small Ships - 200m/s
    • Large Ships - 300m/s
  • 30min Day/Night
  • LBR III SkyBox
  • Midspace's Admin Helper Commands
  • Health Regeneration enabled
Custom System
  • Realistic Earth - Spawn point
  • Realistic Moon - Spawn point
  • Realistic Mars - Spawn point
  • Allien Planet - Spawn point
  • RavCore (Lava Planet)
    • 3243039 - X
    • 2188697 - Y
    • 3068267 - Z
  • DreamWorld (Earthlike)
    • -2570160 - X
    • -1888919 - Y
    • 5856065 - Z
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