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Server Settings, and MOD Suggestions

Well no one has posted anything here for some time, might as well :D i love playing ark specially with all the tweaks the Rev server have is just perfect. how ever given that ark is a very easy game to mod i think there are some other mods out there that could fit right into the server. i picked a few for you to consider some of them, the more options more chances, after all we tried the Reusable hooks and it crashes the server xD. well here's the list of mod that i think would be good to have as they do not add anything too OP, mind you im thinking PVE here, PVP not sure if this qualifies.

1. MRRadTools.INC Content Pack: Has some good structures that can easy replace that horrible behemoth wall around your base.
2. Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture: same as the other but in a more "GOT" way ;).
3. Builder's Companion: basically this adds something that should have been part of the original game, allows you to see the item or structure your tribemate is about to place down, making building with your tribe mate much more fun, since they will be able to tell you when something sticks out or isn't aligned properly.
4. Dynamic Fence System : tittle says it all. add a dynamic modern looking fence that allows you to build it around your base and dont have to worry about leaving gaps that you will have to cover with 20 stone walls, specially when using behemoth gates.
5. Dino Patrol System : Last but not least, this mod allows you to put those dinos that have been sitting in your base collecting dust to a good use, this mods allows you to place a checkpoint system that allows you to assign any tame and have follow that specific path, you can set a pack of wolf to follow the perimeter fence and pretty much patrol your base, basically like "wandering" but without the hassle of having your tames disappear into oblivion.

That's just some of the mods that can spice things up a bit, most of the building mods i mentioned, are to help with lag, since for example "Castle,keeps, and forts, uses bigger meshes for its structures there fore reducing the amount of objects you have to load everytime. no more 2 miles long 4 walls tall fences, that do nothing but to lag you into the nether! :D!
im all for the platforms plus, dino patrol, and builders companion mods (as already mentioned it would be useful when team building). would also like to suggest... utilities plus. it makes parachutes, bolas, flare guns, and grapple hooks and a few other utilities reusable as they should be, imho.

edit: dynamic fences would also be useful