Revenant's PVE Revelation!


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Hello Revenant Gamers!

At the moment there is a plan in the works to have some fun PVP on the PVE Ragnarok server. I will lay out some information for everyone and what the PVP is going to be all about.

First, let me start by saying this PVP event is completely optional. The PVE Ragnarok map will remain a PVE server.... in order to have the PVP fun we will be utilizing the "Tribe War" option that is enabled on the Ragnarok server. Below you will find a small list of information that corresponds with the PVP event being held.

1. The PVP event will be between the Admins/Staff Members vs the Players of the Revenant Servers.
2. The Admins will have a base built somewhere on the PVE Ragnarok map, players will have to scout it out and prepare to raid them on their own time.
3. The Admin team will have a vault or storage box somewhere in their base that has some unkown treasures that you will have to find for yourselves.
4. Players are expected to farm and raise their own dinosaurs and weapons/structures on their own to be used for the raiding scenario, we want the "raiders" to get the real feel of using their stuff for the raiding experience.
5. For any player joining in on the PVP fun, you must accept that any items/dinosaurs you use can and might be killed, so be sure you only bring weapons/gear/dinos that you are willing to lose!

As stated before, this event is still in the early planning phase, so a lot can change in a small period of time. Please keep in mind that input and suggestion are always welcome and appreciated!

Depending on how well this PVP event is liked or disliked, you can expect more to come! Some of these future raids might have different rules or restriction, i.e no flyers, or you can only use rocket launchers and no other weapons. We will cross this bridge when we get there, but just wanted to share some of the "big picture" ideas that can come to fruition from this first event.

I hope you all are enjoying The Revenant's Ark Cluster and will see you all in game!
- Darkele


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First things first, and most importantly! Will I be able to blow shizz up? If so, then we have ourselves a done deal!:LOL: