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The event will be on the 30th of December, YES we know this is short notice, BUT there is good news there! Yes we know its around the holidays, but noticed a lot of people still play during the holidays, SO lets prepare to ring in the new year with some great PVP action! The event will be held at 8 pm EST.

NOW what is the event?

Well this one is a little different, and there a couple mods that will be listed at the bottom to be downloaded for it. BUT its going to be a team vs team event, attackers and defenders, of late medieval times proportions.

PREPARE for new weapons, some cool buildings, and NO TURRETS!!!

The event will be held on the event map so make sure you have that, because it is on the event map we are providing all armor weapons, consumables, ammo, and items as well as a pre-buillt FOB for the attacking team(FOB is not attack-able). The only thing you have to bring is yourself and DINOS you want to use.

NOW there are dino restrictions as to what can be used.
- NO Flyers- includes managarnrs and gasbags, rock drakes
- Nothing bigger than a rex- no reapers no gigas no brontos no paracers, no rock golems, no arthopluera, basically NOTHING bigger than a rex.
- No thylas
The gameplay will consist of NO TEK, NO TURRETS, NO FABRICATED WEAPONS/ARMOR. There will only be melee weapons, bows, and a few longnecks and revolvers- Again all provided for you.

MODS needed: all standard server mods
-Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture
-Ark Steampunk Mod
- Antartika (map)
-SoulReaper Armor
-Custom Skins- Cosmetic camo sets
-RP Cosmetics (WIP)
Mod Collection-
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