Ragnarok Map PvPvE Cluster!

Replace Scorched earth with Ragnarok

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So here it is boys'n'girls Ragnarok!!! Its been added as official DLC. This map is insane. It contains all of the SE content plus some bonus content of its own. Personally I am ALL for replacing our current SE map with Ragnarok. The amount of activity the Scorched Earth map gets makes it hardly worth keeping. Now that there is a replacement map that allows us to keep all the stuff. I say we should use it. As always though we will have a Vote. If the vote to replace SE wins we will install the new map on the 25th. This should give players enough time to transfer anything they wish to keep over to the island. The Scorched Earth map will be taken offline, and will no longer be accessible.


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I forgot to vote in time, but I am so excited that Rag came out on top! I ran around the map in single player, and was sooo amazed. And it seems to offers just about everything good of both worlds. We will still have wyverns and rock elementals. The map is so rich with content, I will plenty busy exploring. I want to play it right now!!!