PVP on a PVE server?!


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Hello fellow Survivors!

I would like to start a thread here to talk a little about doing some fun pvp on the pve Rag map. The idea here is to enjoy some of the game play of pvp without the unfortunate loss of losing your main base, or even dinos getting killed by accident or whatever. Tribe wars is an option that is available on the pve Rag map, and I think it would be fun to explore some pvp options.

An option here could be that we have a player vs admin raid. Such raid includes the admins building a base somewhere on the map, and the players join together to bring them down! Maybe even have a reward from successfully breaching the admin base and the reward can be a really good weapon or saddle (not a BP) or event raw element from their loot vault.

This kind of pvp is what i think our community yearns for here on the Revenant Gaming Cluster. It allows those who want some pvp a chance at doing so, while ensuring that there is no harm done to anyone's hard work on dinos at their base/ or even to their home bases. This kind of pvp is only looked at as fun, and players get a chance to fight side by side on the ark servers, promoting more teamwork and friendships between tribes.

This is just a thought that I had and wanted to make a post seeing if there is enough interest to make this happen. Reply to this with any other ideas you might have, even if you don't like this idea please reply! I'd love to hear feedback either way.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this and I will catch you all in-game!

- Darkele (The Paragon)


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Man, I couldn't agree more. Controlled PvP is JUST what our ARK community needs to drive our cluster into the realm of EPIC. The Ark Committee held a discussion over a month ago. @0sprey and @DudeAwesome had some KILLER ideas.

Some of which were doing Capt the Flag, Admin raid, and maybe a few other reward systems.

The slightly harder part is figuring out a way to implement these ideas, in a fair, and ENGAGING way.

Personally I feel like using the Tribe wars system would be a great way. It absolves admins from having to actively manage who can PvP and when. Reduces the potential for he/said she/said arguments.

On that note, There are new tools available to use. We can set PvP timers. We MAY be able to set PvP zones (although really not sure about that one yet).

We have a GREAT group of admins currently, and I can help with putting together a base. I know @-187- ŽΣĠǺŅ was working on an admin raid base. Although his time is VERY limited these days, Ill see where he left off... Hopefully its not decay'd :oops:. Ill check with our current admins, but we may need some help from the crowd.

Those who would want to work with the admins on setting up these "events" or "Raids" should join the ARK Committee in discord. PM a REV @Staff member for help.


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I am down for this. I am also more then willing to provide my time and effort in helping to build the base in my down time (working from home gives me a lot of free time).

Tell me what you need to make this happen.

Happy to get to work on this now if you wanted. Just let me know!


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Totally down for this!
Definitely something I've wanted to do!
I know some of the admins would enjoy building something like this, but as @Ellium said, there is a command to give normal players access to Creative Mode (It disables on logout), so anybody with ideas could participate in the construction.