PvE vs PvPvE and The Death of ORP2


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**Please read with an open mind.

Since we opened these servers we have struggled with maintaining a balanced Player vs Player vs Environment approach.

We have tried to appeal to MOST players by offering Both PvE, and PvPvE environments. The Main goal is to allow players to play with out the fear of losing their progress. The problem is this gets boring for many players after awhile (whether they realize it or not) and things tend to get stale. So we introduced PvPvE. For us this meant PvE with the ability to fight each other for funzies or for events. What allowed this to work (for the most part) is ORP 2 (offline raid protection). This means with minimal effort, you can safeguard your progress from unwanted offline attackers.

ORP 2 had been discontinued, with no viable replacement (currently). This means eventually (and I suspect soon based on the mods history) it will be unusable/unstable.

Honestly Im not sure the best way to handle it. Most of our players are PvE players. We cannot control other players. So it will always be possible for someone to come in, and make a mess. Unfortunately rules get broken, and with out ORP 2 there is no protection from that.

That's the bad news.

The good news is.....

We are ready to start populating our new Server machine with game servers. This means MUCH more flexibility in the number of games we launch.

I propose something we already tried (failed to accomplish due to lack of server flexibility). Separate PvE and PvP totally. This would mean making all servers on our current cluster PvE only, we could possibly add some sort of PvP, or event map to the cluster. I would then open 1-2 PvP only servers in a separate cluster.

I need some feedback. Because for realio...... im not sure what our players really want.


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Personally, I've played on the Island which has been PvPvE for a year now without ORP2, and honestly, unless trolls come over with a full on PvP mindset, a few Plants or turrets will keep most unallied peeps out. With that said, PvPvE with no ORP2 is ok with, me since everyone is very friendly.


I didn't have turrets or ORP for the majority of my time on TheIsland and I haven't had any issues except for when I first started way back in July. PvPvE to me seems like a better choice considering everyone is friendly and it gives the option for pvp events and just pvp for fun.