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PvE Taming Question

Hey all,

We're pretty new here, and were wondering about the culture of the folks playing together on this cluster.

When it comes to taming a dinosaur, what are the norms of this group? For example, my tribe mate once spotted a 150 rex, but by the time I got there with a trap, another tribe had come along and trapped it right out from under her nose. She was sitting right on it, spotting and waiting for me; but they decided to drop a trap and yank it over before I could get there.

Later, I heard the same tribe steal a tek rex from another player, again, that was hunting & following it. Is this legit?



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Which tribe? If your are there camped on a dinosaur you mean to tame, other tribes should not be yanking them from you. We try not get involved with he said she said. So just calling it out isn't the best way. BUT again if your sitting on it with the intentions of taming it other tribes should respect that.

Edit: as @Dev/Null mentioned calling it can definitely help, but this can also be abused. We don't want a dino held up indefinitely. Maybe we will add some language to our guidelines to keep everyone on the same page.
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i think that usually people publicly (on ingame chat/discord) announce what dino they want to tame and its location. perhaps try that and take screenshots if it isnt honored. maybe the other tribe simply did not know you were after said dino. announcing the dino at the coordinates beforehand might even get an offer of help. i have seen that happen a few times as well. one can only know you want to tame a dino if you let it be known.
sorry if this response seems pushy, it isn't meant that way. just some advice
Ok, on a similar tip - if I am following a dinosaur, and someone yanks it out from under me, is it OK to land and eat the dino rather than let them tame it? I really don't think I'll remember to post anytime I follow a Rex around, waiting for a tribem8 to haul the trap on over... but maybe a little tit for tat would be acceptable?

I didn't think much of it, accidents happen, until I saw RE:Zero do it to another tribe within a day or so of yanking ours. Then its sort of a pattern, which I think needs to be discussed.


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To answer your other question @Myk , I would prefer that an admin get involved rather than have players retaliate. Not that i don't think its fair, But it doesn't fit goals of our community (Particularly the PvE cluster). Which is being friendly. Rather than escalate a situation we want to keep salt levels down. That being said, if a player, or tribe, is not adhering to those rules admins WILL make sure it is handled without creating more issues.