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So over the last few months we have discussed various mods. I have spent some time looking at some of them, and to be honest they ALL look pretty good.

I want to post all of the mods we've talked about here, and get a more organized discussion going.

The issues we need to discuss.
  • Potential performance impacts
  • Mod support (Popularity/updates?)
  • Overall Mod quantity (how many mods do we want? *see disclaimer below)
Performance obviously can be drastically affected by mods that spawn things in. We will want mods that will make it possible/easy for us to manage junk.

We want to be careful of mods that are not popular enough to hold support.

Disclaimer: I love to customize!! BUT my experience also makes me weary. As important as having a fun game experience is, having one at all is even more important. A lot of mods can make things difficult to maintain, sometimes impossible. So we should be selective, and try to keep the over all number of mods down.

So here's that list

Game Play
Quality Of life
I am currently unable to determine if EEM (Exploration Enhancement Mod) is working with Dedicated Servers. Ill need to do some testing/research on that one.

We can take more suggestions also. After a get a better feel for where everyone stands here ill start posting votes for each MOD.

After we vote them in, i still need to get them set up and tested. So it wont be immediate, but we will get them added.

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Hey Sip, sorry for the delayed response on this post, been busy doing all of the things!

I think its a good idea to start off with HUD Compass and Updated compact batteries and retractable landing gear, as these mods dont have a huge impact on server performance and are very much QoL for the server.

As far as gameplay goes, from what i understand there already is a portion of pve content as far as aliens with ships and bases throughout the game, and with our current player base just starting their campaigns on our server, maybe we just stick with the Modular Encounters Spawner for now, seeing as the Exploration Enhancement Mod is fairly complex, and does not seem to be working on multiplayer servers at the moment. As the playerbase on the server progresses we can always take another look at what is available to add from the workshop and have a player vote for implementation.

As always, we appreciate the work you put into this community, and wish you the best,



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After playing on the server a bit, there are a couple mods that I think would really enhance the server.

First from a gameplay perspective:
• I totally agree with the Surface Occupation Mod. Have used it on other servers and I think it really enhances the PVE aspect.

Quality of Life Mods:
Easy Inventory is a must have for me, really expedites construction not having to count you have the correct components in your inventory.

Block Mods:
Climbable Ladder allows for much more freedom in designs and almost a more realist levels design for ships.
Letters - Buildable letter blocks
Tiered Ship Tools - We have tiered hand tools, why not have tiered ship tools?
Catwalks - Adds ascetically pleasing catwalks as the vanilla ramps and catwalks are limited.
Pocket Landing Gear I think these are cooler and better looking that the Retractable Landing gear.

I wanted to add a whole load of others, but these are to me what I would consider essentials into enhancing gameplay and the life of the game.

As for the other mods you listed, I think they are all good choices.

Been really enjoying playing on this server and look forward to seeing where it goes.



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I'd implement core, major, then minor mods so the server does not buckle.


The question is there an algorithm for computing PCU count for non-vanilla mod blocks?

If so, more 'essential' mods such as simple addons for looks and function. Rather than another (because of the PCU limits),
less likely use with a capped block use. I'd totally go for the current selection though.


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Love how this server has very few mods, just a few planets and air tightness. makes for a great time. I would love surface occupation, OR the EEM mod. the exploration enhancement is amazing for PVE. it allows players to become traders, or even pirates. I noticed the server is PVE only, and adding EEM may scratch the itch for PVP :p
Climbable ladders is nice, same as atmospheric flight/wings with the atmo burnup (heat) by dragokorvan I also mentioned in discord that adding a new planet and designating PVP area/Pirate hotspot (if you want to keep strict PVE only) where the player would be notified when entering dangerous space, maybe just an alien planet and a thick asteroid belt around it for some fun space battles?

EDIT: How could I forget? Easy Inventory is ESSENTIAL


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The community and its players need more engagement. If that as simple as adding in a planet that is stricky PVP will allow us to have something. To have a faction claim a planet and be engaged when we want to is more fun then just building. Additionally adding in NPC events and things for the players to do is a must as once you have built the biggest ship, and the best components, there isn't much to do with them besides fly them around until they break in half due to "Klang".

Please implement these changes, any and all are welcome, but specifically those that drive some other entertainment besides building a station and ship would be greatly appreciated and badly needed.


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Were going to start with the mods on the OP list. I am working on configuration for them. Ill be setting up a poll on this thread to confirm with our player base that they are a go.

Once the vote is concluded ill set the mods up on the server. We will try them out for a few weeks, and as long as we don't run into any serious issues they will stay.

We can continue to discuss other mods mentioned on this thread, and I will research them also. I would hesitate to add too much at once. So if we agree to any other mods we will add them at a separate time AFTER we are confident in the server stability after the first round of mods installations.

Thank you everyone for the input!!


I really think a "international waters" of space in the server would be fun. no rules/laws, very heavy pirate activity, basically surrounding a planet, and its surface. the borders should be clearly marked via distance to planet (GPS Marker) 100,000 from planet or something would be lawless area. players can be friendly if they so chose, but it is not required. the planet should be rich in ore, but be challenging to survive on. (meteor storms, several pirate bases?)