Phillip's Kibble Sales


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Hey y'all, noticing more people asking for kibble pretty regularly on the sever and in the Discord, so I thought about starting a Kibble Sale Program.

Tag me in Discord, or ask in Global. I'm on a lot of evenings, so most chances I'll be available.

1k meat for 20 most kibble
2k meat for 20 Quetzal kibble, Mantis kibble

Kentro kibble....Yeah, probably not as Golden Eggs are miserable, lol

*Phillip will supply and craft all mats required for kibble to help survivors with the weight.

*Can deliver.

*Bonus kibble if you travel to WhiteWalker's Main Base near Blue.
Base is located at 27 / 17

*Kentro kibble is near impossible, but if I have free time to work on Golden Eggs, I'll work on stockpiling... It will not be cheap.
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