Not Another Compass BP Beacon Loot System


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I have spent the last few nights watching my Rock Drake grow up and decided to put it to good use.
Your days of getting Water Cans, Glow Sticks and Metal Hatchfame Blueprints are over.

Aberration isn't The Island and dismounting for a Beacon should be rewarding, especially given the risk.

:eek:Behold the new Aberration Beacon Loot system:confused:

A multi-tiered system with rewards that scale appropriately to the difficulty of your location.

24 Custom Beacons
and 3 Alpha Loot Tables, broken up into tiers.
Here are your item tier sets. (set bonuses are missing :p )
  • 3 Armor Tiers (All Armors)
    • Broken up based on level of access
  • 3 Saddle Tiers (All Aberration Saddles)
    • Broken up based on power level (Ravager =/= Rock Drake)
  • 3 Materials (Useful Materials)
    • Broken up into section based on level of use
  • 2 Weapon Tiers (All Weapons)
    • Broken up into Simple and Advanced (Think Simple Pistol vs Fabricated Pistol)
  • 2 Tool Tiers (All Tools)
    • Broken up into Simple and Advanced (Think Stone Pick vs Metal Pick)
  • 2 Cosmetics
    • No items from Achievements or Current DLC and some only drop in Dungeons
  • Consumables
    • From Broths and Brews to Mindwipes and Medical Brew.
  • Kibble (All Kibble)
    • Kibble comes in a stack of 5
Beacon Loot Quality is: Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green Yellow, White
Empowered Beacons consist of Armor, Firearms and Saddles

Surface Area
In order of quality: Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue
  • 4 Surface Beacons - Armor, Consumables, Materials, Saddles, Firearms, Tools
  • 4 Empowered Surface Beacons - Armor, Saddles, Firearms
Aberration General Area
In order of quality:: Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green Yellow, White
  • 6 Beacons - Armor, Consumables, Kibble, Materials, Saddles, Tools, Firearms
  • 6 Empowered Beacons - Armor, Kibble, Saddles, Firearms
Dungeon Loot
In order of quality: Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue
  • 4 Dungeon Beacons - Armor, Saddles, Firearms, Tools, Cosmetics
Alpha Loot
Ascending in order of quality:
  • Alpha Karkinos
  • Alpha Basilisk
  • Alpha Surface Reaper

Thanks to NormanBatez for the framework.
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