New Toys for ARK!

Do we add the Mods mentioned above?

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Hello Gamers!!

How bout we spice things up a little with our PvE ARK Cluster? We have our settings dialed in, and seem to be happy with them... time for some new toys!!

There have been a few mods on my "some day" list for a long time. Let me know what you guys think. I think the servers would benefit A LOT from the following....
  • Dino Storage Mod - Guys this mod is seriously COOL. Its like Poké Balls for ARK. It allows virtually unlimited storage of dino's. It's safe, saving dinos to a separate file on the machine. Easy back ups in case anything goes wrong (mod mismatches, server crash, rollbacks... ect.) It actually REDUCES server load, by taking dinos off the grid that players would rather store than use.
  • Builder's companion - Here is another slick mod. This one allows tribe members to see structures that other tribe members are "placing". This is another low resource mod, Performance impact will be minimal.
  • Platforms Plus - Long awaited by many, i think its finally time. S+ has proven its worth, im sure Platforms+ (same maker) will be more of the same Welcomed changes (and some not so welcomed).
If we add these, total mod count on the PvE servers goes to 6......

Ill let that simmer for a few days with a VOTE. As long as we dont have any major opposition to these, ill try to have them added in 7-10 bushiness days :p

We are also looking into a few more server side features for the game.
  • ARK Cross Server Chat - Yup. This is already being added.
  • ARK Web App (Example) - We are looking into add this, cause its cool as hell.
  • ARK Shop, and Custom currency - Very customizable... I like what it has to offer. Could help out our ARK community.
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The Builders Companion seems pretty harmless, and allows tribe mates to build things together easier. Considering what a PITA Snap points can be, I pictured that being a big help.


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So far I think the community really loves the new mod additions! Has there been any thought about adding that ARK Shop mod?


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Good to hear!!

And yes there has! It too looks like it would make a good addition. Before proposing it to the community, i need to do some more research first to understand all of its functions/implications. It would also improve the functionality of some of the other Plug-ins currently available. Feel free to check it out, and any other plug-ins on this site....
Those guys are revolutionizing the world of ARK server Owners.