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New Games to Host???


Server Admin
Staff member
We have more room on the server box. We are looking to host more games. I have some ideas for what we can run, but id like to hear from our members first.
If you have any ideas, feel free to nominate a game by commenting on this post. If this thread sees enough action we'll hold a vote. If not we'll just open something up.

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The first candidates to come to my mind, would be ARK: Survival of the Fittest or Space Engineers. SoTF Still needs some TLC, but is still a blast.


Server Admin
Staff member
I am working on space engineers. I didn't realize how much could be done with the game server side. Ive started downloading mods and so far have found i can host the whole solar system (although not to scale fortunately). There also seems to be no limit to speed on this map which i really like.

SoTF ill work on next. Im still considering Rust, just due to its popularity.